Land of Dreams

Selected works by Haleh Davoudi

Asymmetric Magazine: Tell us about your collection of work as an abstract artist.
Haleh Davoudi: As an abstract artist, my work has been continuously evolving, yet my intention of 'allowing' is always present with each piece. I work expressively and intuitively with bold, bright colors and with organic shapes and forms. As each element marries others in the process of becoming one, pieces that are rich and playful come to life, just like a garden full of blooming flowers.

AM: What is your biggest inspiration?
HD: Nature is very inspiring to me–especially flowers. I believe we can learn a lot from the life of a flower. They are beautiful masterpieces, graceful, bold, fearless, and they are, as well as the rest of nature, very good at the art of allowing.

AM: What role does Los Angeles play in your work?
HD: Los Angeles is where I started on my path as an artist, so it plays a huge part in my work. Its colors, nature, weather, cultural diversity, talent diversity, lessons, and blessings, each play an essential part and are inspiring one way or another. I am truly happy and blessed to be here, experiencing life the way that I am.

AM: What themes do you typically pursue in your work?
HD: Expressions of joy, happiness and excitement. I find many things weighing people down day after day, externally, as well as internally, such as news, life challenges, expectations and more. Because of that, I like my pieces to be a source of joy and happiness in others' homes.

AM: We love your use of color and flora in your pieces. Can you tell us a bit about your process for conceptualizing a new piece?
HD: When I start a new piece, I don’t know what it will look like once finished. As I allow myself to play, explore, experiment, and express feelings of joy, appreciation, and love for life and what I do, shapes and forms are created, positioned to compliment and even contradict each other at times.

AM: How do you think art impacts social change?
HD: Art is yet another beautiful form of communication where we get to express our needs, wants, feelings, like and dislikes. Through the use of art we get to connect and reach more people than through the use of language.

AM: What music is currently inspiring you?
HD: I love creating to instrumental music, as well as music of other ethnicities, such as French, Arabic, Spanish, Portages and etc. Because there are no words or if there are they are sang in a different language, I get to really & truly enjoy and appreciate them exactly for what they are without getting attached to words or getting lost in the meaning of them.

AM: What can we expect to see from you next?
HD: Working and collaborating with staffers and designers, more commission pieces as well as a whole new bold collection for 2017.

Haleh Davoudi is an LA-based abstract artist. You can view more of her work at

Posted on November 1, 2016 .