elohim // elohim

  // A moment from Elohim's Coachella set, photo by Leah Perrino

// A moment from Elohim's Coachella set, photo by Leah Perrino

We've been counting down for Elohim's debut self-titled album with each of her pre-released singles over the year. The 15-track album was everything we'd hoped for and more. She flawlessly pairs raw, emotive vocals (tackling subjects like mental health) with her signature glitchy, lively production, and the album exudes nothing but love. We were lucky enough to catch her Coachella performance, where she performed some of the new tracks for the first time. We have The Universe Is Yours, Half Love and I Want You on repeat.

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Posted on April 28, 2018 .

Lostboycrow // Traveler: The Third Legend


We've been long awaiting the third and final part of LA-based singer-songwriter Lostboycrow's Traveler since Traveler: The First Legend was released last May and Traveler: The Second Legend following last October. The deconstructed album has been building a story of introspection, and we are transported along LBC's journey through each sultry track. Our ears are flooded with his illustrious, emotive vocals and sensual rhythms. Now we'll just be counting down until we can see him perform these tracks live. Check out the tour dates below.

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Posted on March 2, 2018 .

Arms Akimbo // The Wrong Kind Of Dance Party

  // photo courtesy of Mora/May

// photo courtesy of Mora/May


LA-based indie rock band Arms Akimbo dropped their EP The Wrong Kind Of Dance Party last week (February 23). The EP, named after a playlist they used to use to wind down their college parties, flawlessly brings together vibrant, catchy rhythms and moody vocals. The band, composed of Peter Schrupp, Chris Kalil, Colin Boppell and Matthew Sutton, is quickly making waves in modern rock having opened for The Animals, WALK THE MOON and Said the Whale. Whether you're looking for an upbeat tune like Seven Mirrors or want to mellow out to the emotional track Rearrange, this is for sure the right kind of dance party for us.

// listen here:

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Posted on March 1, 2018 .

Robokid // Apart

  // photo courtesy of the artist

// photo courtesy of the artist


We've been long awaiting Robokid's EP after the release of his single Next Year (read our interview with him on the track here), in which he debuted his own vocals. The EP Apart (released January 19) didn't disappoint. The LA-based producer + singer-songwriter gives us all the feels with his unique combination of electro-pop beats and emotive vocals. If you're like us, you'll have Worth It on repeat. + Catch him live in LA alongside our other favorite artists at Moving Castle World at the Fonda Saturday, January 27.

// Listen here:

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Posted on January 25, 2018 .

Lostboycrow // I'm A Sailor Not A Salesmen

  // photo by Teren Mabry

// photo by Teren Mabry


We've had our eye on Lostboycrow for awhile now (read our interview with him back in 2016), and the indie electro-pop musician never ceases to blow us away. With dreamy vocals + the introspective lyrics he's known for, his single I'm A Sailor Not A Salesmen (released January 19), is the latest LBC track we have on repeat.

// Listen here:

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Posted on January 19, 2018 .

AM & Friends // Volume 07

Guest curator Amanda Blide shares her favorite local musicians to see live for our seventh Asymmetric & Friends playlist. Want to be a guest curator? Tweet at us here!



"After living in Los Angeles for the past nine years, my taste in music is pretty diverse to say the least. In a city with so much talent, I’ve made it a point to see live bands several nights a week. Whenever I consider staying home to watch Netflix over seeing a band, I think of the teenage version of myself who would kick my ass for taking this music scene for granted. As a teen in south Florida, I waited months for my favorite bands to come through town and if they didn’t, I’d gather up a few friends and road trip to Atlanta where bands always made a stop. Music fans in Los Angeles have it made! We have a music venue within 20 minutes of anywhere you live in town.

That is why I curated a playlist of my favorite local bands to see live. In no particular order, here they are… enjoy:

David LaBrel “Young At Heart” // One of the first bands I ever saw in LA was Olin and The Moon. They are still one of my all time favorite local bands. When David put out this solo track, I was hooked. It’s so damn catchy and was on all of my playlists last summer.

Olin and The Moon “Not In Love” // Speaking of Olin and the Moon, I wanted to include this mellow track. Partly because it was one of the songs I listened to when realizing my last relationship was coming to an end, and partly because the backing vocals by fellow LA musician, Leslie Stevens are divine. What I’d give to watch an OATM / Leslie and The Badgers co-headline at The Echo again.

Kori Lynn “Going Steady” // Kori is a firecracker live. She’s speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to try new things when it comes to making music. Her latest move into dark-electronic music is, in my opinion, her best move yet.

OFF! “Learn To Obey” // I can’t talk about great live bands without mentioning the time I was blown away watching punk legend, Keith Morris and his band at The Echoplex. He sings with more energy and conviction than most 20 year olds… and he’s 61!

Low Hum “Strange Love” // I’ve watched Collin play around the Silverlake scene for years as the guitarist in Vanaprasta and Sun Drug and was so stoked to see he was now fronting a project. “Strange Love” has a bass line and catchy synths that will get your head bobbing for sure. He’s also probably the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.

Magic Giant “Let It Burn” // You haven’t lived, if you haven’t caught Magic Giant live! Their live show is SO entertaining; from their choreographed drum line to an all-out audience dance party, this band knows how to put on a memorable show.

Sunday Lane “Parliament” // Sunday writes songs that pull at the heartstrings. They come from a place so brutally honest. I’ve laughed and cried to her albums. She rarely plays out, but when she does it’s a truly powerful experience.

Smoke Season “Loose” // Watching Smoke Season perform is a mind-bending experience. Their on-stage chemistry is impressive to say the least. It’s best to enjoy this band with a drink (or two) in hand.

Melody Federer “Standing” // I’m a sucker for a good love song and Melody has a way with words. Bonus Points: This is a great track to sing along to in your car.

Kozze “Prayin 4 The Weekend” // I met this dude at a pool party over the summer. When he said he was a singer, I thought, “Who isn’t in this town?” Except Kozze is the real deal! He mixes pop and R&B with a flair of hip-hop resulting in a jam you’ll want to add to your party playlist.

Ramonda Hammer “If, Then” // This band brings me back to the angsty years of my youth. Female-fronted rock that transports you back to the 90s? Yes please.

Bishop Briggs “Be Your Love” // Bishop played two sold out shows at The Fonda last month, and I was lucky enough to catch one. Two words: Mind Blowing. She captivated the audience with her electrifying energy and hypnotic light show.

Posted on December 12, 2016 .

LA Music // Mix 04

Our current favorite tunes from LA-based musicians // curated by Leah Perrino
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Posted on November 21, 2016 .

AM & Friends // Volume 06

Guest curator Ryan Trask of Niantic shares his favorite local bands and discusses his picks for our sixth Asymmetric & Friends playlist. Want to be a guest curator? Tweet at us here!



"I worry that not everyone in LA knows how to really live–folks get obsessed with the wrong things and can't focus on making the best work we can. I wish I could sit down with each of you and tell you about what I've seen and felt and done to your face. That's why I like to throw shows and events, because I used to wish we could all rent a warehouse or a venue, and hear these songs together in one place. Let me tell you: These people know how to live. They have meaningful experiences and want to share them with you. I want to walk you through what I found out about them, what I've seen about them, and why we're lucky to have them. Curation doesn't happen in a museum. It doesn't happen in a vacuum. And the person doing it isn't cooler than you are. If you live well, and want to share, it happens on its own. For that reason, I'm so grateful to Asymmetric for getting to share these with you."

Soaked // Probably my favorite local band. Steve's voice has a fire breathing, living intensity. The closest any local band I know of has come to pulling off the full Radiohead–fully sounding like themselves live, right in front of you. Maybe a little better.

Window // A very good friend. I like left turns in playlists. I like to be kept guessing. This is what his work also has the effect of doing, even as one man. He's playing Treehouse Festival later this month.

Salvation Mountain // We enter the desert/weird phase. I don't drive anymore, but when I got my driver's license as a kid I would drive out past Palm Springs and wander the mountains and desert surrounding us. I found this place on my own on a cold morning in January when the citrus fields were covered in frost, and I was supposed to be running errands back on the home front. Picture a bleak ground and a bright sky. 

Taking Refuge with Strangers // Even longer, slower, bleaker. Sometimes when you're desert driving in east California there's straight paths and you do 90. This song is for the narrowness and excitement of twisting through slot canyon roads at slower speed.

Window Room // When Ray and I met at a show we understood each other right away. This does not happen often. We're playing our EP release with them next month in the arts district. This song floats like a solar halo on a high cloud. Killer chorus too.

Good Enough // Have you seen them play live? Haile is one of the best frontpeople in town. There's an intensity behind her calmness and a general approach to living that I wish I had. Every time I see them, bump into them or tell folks about them (happens quite often), it's because I wish I could help them as much as I can.

We Are the Future // Another left turn because not everything can be wide open spaces. Sometimes the crush of other people, of breathing and sweating, meets futuristic optimism and blinding light. Everyone on this list has a great live presence, but none have as much flash. In person, he is kind and warm to his many fans.

Badlands // As warm as NKRiot is in person; on stage, Smoke Season are chilling. Their charm comes from being dangerous. It's inspirational to watch.

All the Way // We came up with these guys; they went by a different name years ago, and we would play these weird little dives and halls in Pasadena and Amplyfi a few times. They've found themselves a great, disciplined business behind the scenes and charismatic, fresh live show centered around big, driving songs.

The Tug of War // Michael Long plays out a lot by himself, and a lot of people don't do well under that pressure, but he can really, really play. I think this will probably change when he's ready. He works on an emphatic, passionate vocal craft and never takes a song off. I'm really excited for his record, not just because of these [reasons], but because he's done a great job refreshing a lot of the intense guitar/vocal styles we grew up with that needed updating.

I Will Survive // We met at The Study a few months back and we knew right away we had to have Tamba play at our annual June Gloom festival in The Valley. We just got along so well with him and figured at some point we'd have to collaborate. Except now we're sitting on a bunch of ideas, and I don't even know what do with them all. Watch this dude.

New Heart // Really great arranging and great live shows. The songs are as diverse as their background, and they play out all the time.

The Weather // I guess this is the big hit in this lineup? We found out about them from KCRW and then got to chatting a little on Instagram. There's a reason they're beloved; it's because the songs are arranged great, and they are still down to earth. The more we succeed, the more down to earth we should be. My values in LA are that you can't get anywhere without your work and the support of your fans. Not everyone you encounter will have those. When you do, it's such an exciting moment.

War // We played The Study with these guys a few months back and sometimes at 3 in the morning, swap messages looking for insight in the journey of lead singing. It's all about champagne and whiskey and beautiful people, of course, and never about leads, leadership, or what friendship means in a seedy town. This song is about peace. This song is about looking inward. And all those kind of values go hand in hand.

$5000 a Week // I am so lucky to say I have known Jack well for years. We had a lot of school friends. He wrote this one, I think, about living in NYC before he moved back. It's a groaning grit of harsh reality set over a relentless, melancholic groove. It breaks open with the sunshine you can't keep down. I always feel like it's about the conflict between our city and theirs. And what we do to keep on going.

Run 'n Hide // This is the youngest feeling, most intense song in this collection. These guys play all the freakin' time. House parties, warehouse shows, LA, IE, OC, just crushing it, and they have the chops to show for it and a whole army of screaming fans who know every word. We all wish we had fans like that. We all wish we could be believers like that. That symbiosis you feel at shows is the best part of ourselves. We could all use more.

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LA Music // Mix 03

Our current favorite tunes from or featuring LA-based musicians // curated by Leah Perrino
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LA Music // Mix 01

Our playlist of LA-based + LA-originated musicians as submitted by Asymmetric fans on social media. Don't see your favorite local artist? Tweet at us here!

Posted on September 17, 2015 .