Blazing Ocean Sunset

By Jenny Handel


Asymmetric Magazine: Tell us about your piece.
Jenny Handel: Blazing Ocean Sunset Is piece that was inspired by scenes from my Southern California travels.

AM: What inspires you most?
JH: All of my pieces are inspired by the natural beauty of the places I have been. When I see something amazing in nature, it gives me a burning desire to create it for myself, as I see it, in my own image.

AM: What themes/subject matter do you pursue in your work?
JH: I paint a lot of mountains because I am a climber and snowboarder, so my love for playing and just being in the mountains is often seen in my work.

AM: What role has traveling around the west coast played in your work?
JH: Every year, my boyfriend and I spend a couple months on the road living out of our vehicle. These trips have led me to some of the most beautiful places and have inspired a lot of my pieces. The simplicity of living on the road has allowed me to spend more time in reflection and admiration, becoming truly immersed in the moment. Breathing in and feeling a place makes me feel connected, and gives me a desire to create something, so I can share these moments and places with others.

AM: We love your abstract take on a landscape in this piece! Can you tell us your process?
JH: I love this process that I’ll call “flow painting” because it imitates the natural flow of water, perfect for creating pieces inspired by oceans, waterfalls, rivers, etc. Basically, I pour a bunch of liquefied paint on a canvas and shake it around allowing the paint to flow in its natural course. It creates some really cool effects that are always unique.

AM: What else can we expect to see from you?
JH: I love playing with new techniques and styles so you can expect to see new and maybe obscure methods in my pieces while nature will continue to be my influence.

Jenny Handel is a traveling artist currently based in Salt Lake City. She spends a lot of her travels in California and is inspired by the places and things found in nature. You can find more of her work at


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