By Mathilda Tennysdotter

Asymmetric Magazine: Tell us about your photo series.
Mathilda Tennysdotter: The photo series is simply called “Artitecture”, a name that combines exactly what it is; art in architecture. The photos are combining my coloring with amazing buildings and structures in Los Angeles. Often we take buildings for granted and don’t see the beauty in the architecture, and that is what I want to show with my series.

AM: What inspires you most?
MT: I am inspired by the nature, which may sound strange when I do a lot of architecture photography. I grew up in the forest in southern Sweden and developed an interest for photography at 12 years old. Being surrounded by forest inspired me and helped me to be curious about other genres than landscape photography, which years later lead me into fashion and product photography in my home country. I spent a few years in Sweden doing that and then ended up in Los Angeles a few years ago. The lack of nature in my backyard was replaced with the amazing cityscape. Coming from a small country and working in the artistic scene for a couple of years, I wanted to explore the industry in a bigger country and expand my brand outside of Sweden. Having the opportunity to see new things every day in a big city and knowing that I always can go back to my home country to get inspiration helps me a lot in my creative process.

AM: What is your favorite LA building to photograph and why?
MT: My absolute favorite building is the Getty Center. I love spending my days up there just walking around and exploring. Even though I’ve been there many times, I always find new ways to see the structures and it almost feels like they transform during the day when the sun changes position in the sky.

AM: What themes and styles do you pursue in your work?
MT: I think that my career as a photographer in Sweden has influenced my style. I’ve always used a lot of color in some way. Even though I love black and white photography, I think finding the right tone, color and angles is what enhances and characterizes my style.

AM: We love your addition of color! How do you conceptualize your color choice within the rest of the composition?
MT: The composition is my priority, but what I do has to be similar to the feeling or thought that’s in my head when I’m shooting. Most of the time, colors are associated with some kind of feeling, and that’s what I use as a guide when I add my color in post.

AM: What else can we expect to see from you?
MT: I will continue with my architecture [photography]. In addition, I have a few projects coming up, and I’m really looking forward to sharing more of my work with new people.

Mathilda Tennysdotter is an LA-based Swedish freelance photographer shooting architecture, portraits, and travel photography. More of her work can be found at or on her Instagram

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