Music Spotlight: Prince Fox

Music Spotlight: Prince Fox

Electronic artist Sam Lassner aka Prince Fox relaunches his sound with the new track Fake It, where he perfectly expresses honesty + authenticity. We’ve been huge fans of Prince Fox for awhile, and we’re so stoked for this new era of his. We chatted with him about his evolution + what’s in the works.


Asymmetric Magazine: We've been huge fans for awhile, and we can stop listening to Fake It. Tell us about the track.
Prince Fox: Thank you! I wrote the song originally over some guitar chords and was just bouncing around the idea of faking love, etc. I wrote the first verse and hook, and before I went back in to finish the song, I was thinking about how I had been struggling emotionally with some aspects of my career/touring and that it would be cool to finish the song from a perspective that could fit both being about my career but also some ex lover. Most notably in the bridge, ‘maybe faking it, isn’t making it… any easier, easier on me’. I was thinking about the nights on tour where I felt overly tired, sick and upset that I had been alone for weeks on end but just put on a happy face and did the show as I always would, because it’s that one hour of performing that I love more than anything and what makes all of the in between worth it.


AM: What about your relaunch/evolution? How does your current work compare to your old sound?
PF: While there are some sounds that are reminiscent of my old work, the biggest change is in the writing. I am done faking meaning behind surface level love songs and chasing singles and features. I want to tell an honest story and really connect with my peers and fans on a deeper level than just a cool song with a short shelf life.

I want to tell an honest story and really connect with my peers and fans on a deeper level than just a cool song with a short shelf life. 

AM: So, what themes are you pursuing through your music now?
PF: At this point in my process, I am just trying to focus on honesty–whether it’s honesty in a relationship, with myself, or about a situation I am in. I want everything to feel as real as it does for me, in the music.

AM: What other musicians are currently inspiring you?
PF: Lauv, Billie Eilish, LANY, John Mayer, FINNEAS, Elohim, Mac Miller ( RIP )

AM: You have some incredible collaborations under your belt. Who's your dream collaborator?
PF: I really want to do a collaborative album with Diplo and John Mayer. I think the three of us would make some crazy shit.

AM: Where is one place that you feel completely in touch with your creative self/music?
PF: Oddly enough, I’m most creative when I have to travel and am forced to be away from the studio. Then get to come back and turn all of my notes/voice memos from traveling into an actual song.

AM: What can we expect to hear on your upcoming album?
PF: Pop that knocks you in the feels a bit. Basically my life, my fears, and my thoughts over some cool synth sounds, guitars, and drums.

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