Music Spotlight: The Mowgli's

Music Spotlight: The Mowgli's

LA-based indie-folk band The Mowgli’s shares their latest EP American Feelings, a 4-track upbeat blend of pop, rock + folk elements. The 6-member band is composed of vocalist + guitarist Colin Louis Dieden, vocalist + percussionist Katie Jayne Earl, bassist + vocalist Matthew Di Panni, guitarist + vocalist Josh Hogan, keyboardist + vocalist Dave Appelbaum, and drummer + vocalist Andy Warren. The band is currently co-headlining their Making Friends Tour with Jukebox The Ghost, and we caught their LA show at The Fonda last week (March 6) + chatted with Katie all about American Feelings.

// photos by Linda Wang


Asymmetric Magazine: Congrats on American Feelings! What’s the EP all about?
Katie Jayne Earl: American Feelings is a collection of songs that speaks to the general feelings of insecurities, connectivity, hope and loneliness that we think a lot of people must feel nowadays. Hopefully by sharing these interpersonal feelings, we can invite listeners to feel less alone.


AM: Are they any consistent themes you typically pursue through your music?
KJE: We generally always try to write from a place of personal truth. We believe that if we write from a place of honestly, the songs will connect.

AM: Since the band started, you've been through a lot of changes regarding band members and labels. Can you speak to that experience a bit and how your sound has evolved?
KJE: I think personal and creative evolution is inevitable for all artists. Our lives have changed, our thoughts and feelings have grown, and we have all evolved as individuals and as a group. Naturally, that will show up in our art. We have spent years on tour, which is challenging and strenuous and not for everyone, and that’s why some members have had to part ways with the circus life. But all of these experiences, even the toughest ones, have led us to where we are at now, and we are just happy to be here.

AM: You're on tour with Jukebox The Ghost—what can fans expect to see at your show?
KJE: This tour lineup is a match made in heaven. Vibes are super positive, energy is high, and everyone is having a really good time at these shows. When I look out into the audience, I see a lot of dancing, a ton of singing, and most importantly, a lot of smiles.

AM: What other musicians are you currently listening to?
KJE: Solange!

AM: What role does LA play in your work?
KJE: LA is our home base. Each and every band member has a special connection to LA. It’s a sunny city where you can be anything you want to be with enough hard work and dedication. That inspires each of us to work hard and follow our dreams. I hope that feeling is somehow embedded into our sound, so that listeners can be inspired to follow their own dreams, as well.

AM: Where is one place you feel completely in touch with your creative self and your music?
KJE: Kansas City—our home away from home.

AM: What's next after tour?
KJE: More writing, more living, more playing. Time will tell.

// listen to American Feelings:

// Listen to more from The Mowgli’s on Spotify + SoundCloud.

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