Music Spotlight: The Ready Set

Music Spotlight: The Ready Set

Jordan Witzigreuter aka The Ready Set is back with a new single Stitch off his upcoming EP V2. We chatted with him about the inspiration behind the track + what we can expect to hear on the EP.


Asymmetric Magazine: Congrats on your recent release! Tell us about Stitch.
The Ready Set: Thank you! It's about coming to terms with your flaws and recognizing that a change needs to take place. It's a concept I've touched on before; I think it's a pretty basic human feeling.


AM: What else can we expect to hear on your upcoming EP V2?
TRS: It's sort of all over the place, which is something I always place a pretty high value on. I don't think any of the songs sound like each other, aside from some consistencies in the production elements. Overall, it's a bit more lyrically honest and a genuine representation of where my head has been this year.

AM: How does it compare to your previous work, including V1 and I'm Alive, I'm Dreaming?
TRS: I think with everything I release, the project starts to define itself more and more. I like to think it's just a positive progression. The main difference with this EP is I'm not leaning super hard into overly pop structures and formats, which is fun. Also, a lot of the songs are pretty short. I've been really into that lately–just keeping repetitiveness to a minimum when I can.

AM: How would you describe your sound?
TRS: Happy sad electronic pop

AM: What themes do you typically pursue through your music?
TRS: Lately, a lot of internal things masked as external experiences. This is probably the least 'positive' sounding collection of songs I've put out in a long time, but there's usually always some underlying theme of hope and forward momentum that I try to keep prevalent.

AM: What other musicians are currently inspiring you?
TRS: I listen to sort of everything and try to just let whatever inspires me do it subconsciously. There are definitely some times when I'll hear a song and instantly feel like I need to write something right that second. Over the past couple months, I've been listening to Kids See Ghosts, Hunny, Trove Sivan, No Rome, and I love the new Kanye record.

AM: What role does Los Angeles play in your work?
TRS: Probably a bigger role than I realize. My entire life and career is here now. It's definitely the type of place where you can find anything anywhere. People like to complain about aspects of it, but I feel like the best thing is that nobody really cares about what anybody else is doing, which sounds cold, but I love the idea of not needing to think about what people think of me or what I'm doing. I feel simultaneously connected and disconnected at the same time. I think that's good for songs.

I feel simultaneously connected and disconnected at the same time. I think that's good for songs.

AM: Where is one place that you feel completely in touch with your creative self/music?
TRS: Just alone in my studio. I don't leave the room too often. I end up just locking myself in there and letting stuff happen. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it isn't, but when it is, it's super rewarding.

AM: What can we expect to hear from you next?
TRS: I'm just trying to do everything. TRS, side projects, production for other artists. So really just a lot more.

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