AM & Friends // Volume 07

AM & Friends // Volume 07

Guest curator Amanda Blide shares her favorite local musicians to see live for our seventh Asymmetric & Friends playlist. Want to be a guest curator? Tweet at us here!



"After living in Los Angeles for the past nine years, my taste in music is pretty diverse to say the least. In a city with so much talent, I’ve made it a point to see live bands several nights a week. Whenever I consider staying home to watch Netflix over seeing a band, I think of the teenage version of myself who would kick my ass for taking this music scene for granted. As a teen in south Florida, I waited months for my favorite bands to come through town and if they didn’t, I’d gather up a few friends and road trip to Atlanta where bands always made a stop. Music fans in Los Angeles have it made! We have a music venue within 20 minutes of anywhere you live in town.

That is why I curated a playlist of my favorite local bands to see live. In no particular order, here they are… enjoy:

David LaBrel “Young At Heart” // One of the first bands I ever saw in LA was Olin and The Moon. They are still one of my all time favorite local bands. When David put out this solo track, I was hooked. It’s so damn catchy and was on all of my playlists last summer.

Olin and The Moon “Not In Love” // Speaking of Olin and the Moon, I wanted to include this mellow track. Partly because it was one of the songs I listened to when realizing my last relationship was coming to an end, and partly because the backing vocals by fellow LA musician, Leslie Stevens are divine. What I’d give to watch an OATM / Leslie and The Badgers co-headline at The Echo again.

Kori Lynn “Going Steady” // Kori is a firecracker live. She’s speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to try new things when it comes to making music. Her latest move into dark-electronic music is, in my opinion, her best move yet.

OFF! “Learn To Obey” // I can’t talk about great live bands without mentioning the time I was blown away watching punk legend, Keith Morris and his band at The Echoplex. He sings with more energy and conviction than most 20 year olds… and he’s 61!

Low Hum “Strange Love” // I’ve watched Collin play around the Silverlake scene for years as the guitarist in Vanaprasta and Sun Drug and was so stoked to see he was now fronting a project. “Strange Love” has a bass line and catchy synths that will get your head bobbing for sure. He’s also probably the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.

Magic Giant “Let It Burn” // You haven’t lived, if you haven’t caught Magic Giant live! Their live show is SO entertaining; from their choreographed drum line to an all-out audience dance party, this band knows how to put on a memorable show.

Sunday Lane “Parliament” // Sunday writes songs that pull at the heartstrings. They come from a place so brutally honest. I’ve laughed and cried to her albums. She rarely plays out, but when she does it’s a truly powerful experience.

Smoke Season “Loose” // Watching Smoke Season perform is a mind-bending experience. Their on-stage chemistry is impressive to say the least. It’s best to enjoy this band with a drink (or two) in hand.

Melody Federer “Standing” // I’m a sucker for a good love song and Melody has a way with words. Bonus Points: This is a great track to sing along to in your car.

Kozze “Prayin 4 The Weekend” // I met this dude at a pool party over the summer. When he said he was a singer, I thought, “Who isn’t in this town?” Except Kozze is the real deal! He mixes pop and R&B with a flair of hip-hop resulting in a jam you’ll want to add to your party playlist.

Ramonda Hammer “If, Then” // This band brings me back to the angsty years of my youth. Female-fronted rock that transports you back to the 90s? Yes please.

Bishop Briggs “Be Your Love” // Bishop played two sold out shows at The Fonda last month, and I was lucky enough to catch one. Two words: Mind Blowing. She captivated the audience with her electrifying energy and hypnotic light show.

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