Music Spotlight: Yard Arms

Music Spotlight: Yard Arms

Dark-pop duo Yard Arms, composed of Noah Villeneuve + Billy Golding, released their sophomore EP A Glossary Of Broken Humans & Beating Hearts today, following pre-released singles Idea of Me & You + Comfortable. A Glossary Of Broken Humans & Beating Hearts is a beautifully wistful blend of emotive lyricism + nostalgic, somber rock instrumentals. The 4-track EP delves into themes of the human condition, mental health + trauma, which seamlessly follows their debut EP Maiden, a soundtrack for broken relationships + heartache. The duo continuously delivers a melancholic, yet refreshingly relatable sound, reminiscent of one of our all-time favorites The National. We caught up with Noah all about the EP.


Asymmetric Magazine: Congrats on your EP release! Can you tell us all about A Glossary Of Broken Humans & Beating Hearts?
Yard Arms: Thank you—we’re super excited to finally have it out in the world. Every process of putting music out now is such a cathartic experience—from the writing room, to recording, and playing it live time and time again—these are such important moments for us. This record is no different; it’s been such a developmental time for us as people, as writers and as performers. This EP has a real depth that has resonated deeply continually with us and is proving to have a similar effect on our listeners which is extremely humbling.


AM: What was the most memorable part about making this EP?
YA: From start to finish was quite a breadth of time, so it’s very difficult to pin point the most memorable part. However, piecing together all of the elements on the closing track Heavy Silences became a significant pillar of the journey. It’s when everything musically, lyrically and thematically just seemed to complete the puzzle.

AM: Are there any consistent themes you typically pursue through your music?
YA: The themes that never seem to go out of fashion—we’re not reinventing the wheel, we’re probably not going to help change the way the world exists with our words, however we want to create an environment that people resonate with emotionally, so we speak about the human condition, life, love, heartbreak, guilt, anger, meaning, health, and loneliness.

AM: How does this EP compare to your previous work Maiden?
YA: To us, it sounds like a very natural progression from the debut release. It exudes a bit more confidence and self belief in the writing and production. Ultimately, the records are about different things and based upon unrelated events. It’s probably a darker sounding record with a bit more grit whilst still maintaining the fragility that Maiden had.

AM: For first time listeners, how do you like to describe your sound?
YA: Transatlantic Melancholic Alternative Pop.

AM: What other musicians are you currently listening to?
YA: It’s forever a mixed bag, especially between the band. Right now, my recently played looks like: Turnover, Nick Cave, The Japanese House, The Blue Nile, Olafur Arnalds, Tears For Fears, Oscar Peterson, Noah Gundersen.

AM: Where is one place that you feel completely in touch with your creative self and your music?
YA: In any room, together, shut off from everything else.

AM: What can we expect to hear from you next?
YA: EP3. We are finishing up writing currently and already so elevated about it all.

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