California Dreaming


by Paul Roustan

You take my breath, afloat in your grace.
Restless when you call, my spirit eager to escape.
Sun rays bounce, sparkling ripples like diamonds.
I dive deep into your salty kiss.
Submerged with a chill, my skin breathes your life.


// photos by Paul Roustan; model: Kyara Tyler

Asymmetric Magazine: Tell us about your contribution:
Paul Roustan: This series is about the desire to get back in the water. I'm a surfer, and [the model] Kyara is a diver. Anyone who has been bitten by the ocean knows the ache to drop everything and get wet.
I don't know why I body paint, really. I'm obsessed with it. I have no choice. I've always liked to draw, but I prefer the results over the process. Body painting is cool because I'm forced to work quick, so my impatience with the process is resolved, and it's nice to be able to converse with the canvas.

AM: What inspires you most?
PR: I love people. Especially genuine people that radiate character. It helps if they are naked, too. Other than that, my wife, daughters, and the ocean are huge inspirations. There is nothing better than making great art that speaks from the soul, and then relaxing at the beach with the family. Oh, and when I watch someone achieve a dream, it makes me tear up a little bit... All right, a lot a bit.

AM: What else can we expect to see from you?
PR: If it's not something involving body painting and/or photography, then you probably won't see it. Expect some more ocean related work.

Paul Roustan is an LA-based body painter and photographer. You can find more of his work at and on his Instagram.

Posted on July 30, 2015 .