Music Spotlight: Warhola

Music Spotlight: Warhola

Oliver Symons, under the moniker Warhola, invades our ears with his latest indie-electronica single Look At Me—released today. The track will be the lead single on his forthcoming debut album YOUNG LOVING to be released May 10. Warhola masterfully blends electronic + r&b elements, and we can’t stop dancing to the feel-good track. We chatted with Oliver all about Look At Me + YOUNG LOVING. PS. We recommend checking out Glow + Promise, too—you’ll thank us later.

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Asymmetric Magazine: Congrats on Look At Me! Can you tell us all about this single?
Oliver Symons: Look At Me was the last song I wrote for this album, and it was also the fastest song I ever wrote. It’s a pop song about falling in love and wanting to spend all your time with that person.

AM: You finished the track in 24 hours, right? What was that experience like and how does that compare to your normal creative process?
OS: I just started making some music on my computer and suddenly the song was there. Every song has a different process—some take months, some take only a few days. But in my case it doesn’t often happen that I finish a song in one day.


AM: What can we expect to hear on your forthcoming debut album YOUNG LOVING?
OS: YOUNG LOVING is my debut album, an album I wrote during the last two or three years and talks about what happened during those years in my life. Musically, I think it’s an album with a lot of variation—some pop songs, some more experimental stuff, lots of organic elements but still a kind of electronic feel.

AM: Are there any consistent themes you typically pursue through your music?
OS: Not in particular, I almost always write about what’s on my mind at that specific moment. Though the main theme in YOUNG LOVING is definitely love. 

AM: Does the name of this solo project Warhola have any relation to Andy Warhol, whose last name was Warhola before he dropped the 'a'?
OS: I certainly like a lot of stuff Warhol did, but I wouldn’t say he’s a direct inspiration on what I’m doing or making. I got to know the name Warhola in an article about him, but the reason I chose the name for my project was an aesthetic one.

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AM: What other musicians are you currently listening to?
OS: I like the last Conin Mockasin record. Lately also, again, listening to REM a lot. 

AM: Where is one place that you feel completely in touch with your creative self and your music?OS: A place with sun, a view and sea.

AM: What can we expect to hear from you after the album?
OS: I’m already feeling like working on new music, so in addition to playing lots of live shows, I hope to finish and release new work as soon as possible. 

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