Figments // Art Book

Figments // Art Book


Figments was a group art show where artists reflected on the relationship with one’s self and topics of mental health, including disorders like anxiety disorder, depression and body dysmorphia. We invited artists to explore both the causation and effects of mental health issues and instability through visual art and writing. With Figments, we aim to destigmatize mental health issues, as well as promote personal growth, a healthy relationship with one’s self, and a positive, supportive community.

The companion art book showcases a selection of work from the show + features interviews on mental health with the artists.

Featured artists: Ashton Phillips, Eric Michael, Jose Angel Hernandez, Karl Rogers, Leah Perrino. Marz Pacheco, Megan Miller, Mike Collins, Niki Solima, Olga Perelman, Rachel Daggett, Rebecca Montoya, Sarah Svetlana, Scott Meskill, Sevag Mahserejian, Tammie Valer, Terri Lloyd

// interviews + design by Leah Perrino, published by Asymmetric Magazine

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